Thom Evans
Boerne, Texas

Evans is represented by Bill Zaner's Art Haus.
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Developing a theme for turning a “Thunderbox” into a work of art took me back to my childhood. It was a simpler time and filled with many happy memories. One memory stood out in particular as I recalled an encounter with a functional Thunderbox from my past.

The year was 1955. I was 9 years old and spending a week with my grandparents in Elkview, West Virginia. I remember my grandparents and I traveling by car on a hot, dry, summer day to a reunion. It was a long drive and seemed to go on for hours. It became noticeable to me that just before we arrived at our destination, the speed at which we were traveling began to increase. My grandfather became a little fidgety, although nothing was said. As soon as the car stopped, my grandfather jumped out and disappeared behind the house. I soon followed to see what was going on. There behind the house appeared an outhouse. Just as I arrived my grandfather opened the door, still buckling his belt. Fanning himself with his straw hat and a look of relief that quickly turned into a smile as he said, “that was an angel of mercy”!

With this wonderful memory in mind, I dedicate my Thunderbox to my grandfather, C.T. Harrah, the man that introduced me to the concept of the outhouse, and how important this “Angel of Mercy” was to travelers.

Thom Evans